Plant Biology Graduate Student Association

The Plant Biology Graduate Student Association is the collective voice of the graduate students in our department.  Be a part of our strength by getting involved and sharing your thoughts and skills.

Questions for the Plant Biology graduate students? Email the PBGSA at:


  • Callie Oldfield - President
  • Rachel Perez-Udell - Vice-President
  • Peter Pietrzyk - Treasurer
  • Patrick Smallwood - Secretary
  • Mason McNair - Peer Teaching Evaluator


Membership in the PBGSA includes all those students working towards M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in the Plant Biology Department. The organization provides the opportunity for graduate students to have a true and meaningful representation in the administration of the Department. The President of the organization and one additional officer attend all faculty meetings and have one vote on all matters considered by the faculty except as pertains to faculty personnel. The PBGSA also sends a representative to Recruitment Committee meetings.

The faculty sends a representative to the meetings of the PBGSA for the purpose of fostering communication between the graduate students and the faculty. It is hoped that these avenues of communication will aid in the progress of the Department for the mutual benefit of both the faculty and the graduate students.

The PBGSA also seeks to improve communication among the graduate students themselves. With this goal in mind the organization serves as a clearinghouse for suggestions and information on student activities in the Department and promotes social functions so that the graduate students may become better acquainted. A PBGSA bulletin board is maintained in the hallway outside the departmental office and students are encouraged to consult it frequently. Tax information and written comprehensive exam questions are kept in the office for graduate student use.

The PBGSA is important both to the graduate students and to the faculty of the Department. Unanimous support is essential for the success of the organization; therefore, your participation is urged and your enthusiasm is necessary.

PBGSA Constitution

You can get a PDF copy of the PBGSA Constitution by clicking here.