Wendy Zomlefer
Curator of the University of Georgia Herbarium
Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 2607
Phone Number:  706-583-0389
Office/Lab:  Herbarium: Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 2501
Phone Number: 

Ph.D Plant Systematics, University of Florida 1991


Research Projects: 

I conduct floristic surveys in Georgia and neighboring states. These are field-based studies comprising a plant survey of a natural area, resulting in a complete inventory supported by voucher specimens deposited in a recognized herbarium.  Floristic inventories are an important function of the GA Herbarium.

The herbarium staff and I are currently digitizing the GA Herbarium collection of 274,000 accessioned herbarium specimens.  Images and data of the 90,000 voucher specimens collected in Georgia are available at The Atlas of Georgia Plants (http://www.georgiaherbaria.org/), and county maps are generated at The Vascular Plant Atlas of Georgia (http://www.georgiaherbaria.org/atlas/).

My systematic work focuses on monocots, particularly certain temperate lily-like plants, the Melanthiaceae, with particular focus on the taxa of tribe Melanthieae.

Grant Support: 
  • 2014-2018 – National Science Foundation, “,” W.B. Zomlefer [PI], J.R. Carter [coPI], A. Harvey [coPI]
  • 2015-2017 – National Science Foundation, “From the field to the folder: Workshop on herbarium specimen curation and best practices,” W.B. Zomlefer [PI]
Of Note: 
  • Public Service and Outreach Fellowship, University of Georgia (2015)
  • Windler Award for best systematics paper published in Castanea the previous year [with S.Y.S Sewell, coauthor], (Southern Appalachian Botanical Society, 2015)
  • GAIA Award of Excellence in Botanical Illustration and Research (Florida Society of Botanical Artists, 2009).
  • Author and illustrator of the reference Guide to Flowering Plant Families (1994).
Recent Publications: