Monday, December 12, 2016 - 2:50pm
Callie Oldfield receives UGA Sustainability Grant

Callie Oldfield was one of eleven recipients of a UGA Campus Sustainability grant through this year's Sustainability Grant competition. The Sustainability Grant competition is an annual competition for undergraduate and graduate students to propose innovative ideas that improve research, education or integration of sustainability in and around campus.  Awards are evaluated by a committee and given on the basis of merit and potential impact.  You can see the website, with the 2017 grant recipients here.

Callie's grant is titled "Measuring the effectiveness of sustainable stormwater design at the Science Learning Center," and she will work with an interdisciplinary team of undergraduates from January through June 2017 to measure soil infiltration, stormwater flow, and water turbidity around the Science Learning Center. She will also create a class module that takes advantage of this preliminary research and will engage in outreach with local K-12 programs. This grant will be advised by Dr. Chris Peterson and Dr. Michelle Momany. Way to go, Callie!