Monday, November 7, 2016 - 10:57am
Legend for picture: Specimen of Passiflora incana (Maypops), collected by former PBio Master's student Patrick Lynch.

The Atlas of Georgia Plants portal, with images of specimens from the University of Georgia Herbarium (GA) and Valdosta State University Herbarium (VSC), has been available for several months.  The portal is hosted by Louisiana State University.  The digitization work has been funded by a series of NSF grants to GA Herbarium curator Wendy Zomlefer, including a large collaborative NSF grant to UGA (Zomlefer and David Giannasi) and Valdosta State University (Curator Richard Carter). 

The portal currently includes University of Georgia Herbarium specimens collected in Georgia (91,000+ specimens) and all specimens in Valdosta State University Herbarium (66,000+ specimens). 

The portal contents are not static, as herbarium personnel are constantly updating, correcting, and adding new images and data.  GA Herbarium staff are now digitizing the ca. 185,000 out-of-state specimens, as well.  Below is a the link and directions to access to basic features of the portal.

1. Link:

2. Basic Directions:
    (1) Click on "Search Collection", then fill in genus and specific epithet.
    (2) Click on the small green squares left of the barcode numbers in the list to access the specimen image you want to view.
    (3) The image can be enlarged via the "switch to interactive view" option (lower left); it may take a few seconds for the higher res image to load.
    (4) The various filters for the searches (left-hand side of screen) are self-explanatory.  The many other output options (see the top and bottom menu bars) include a distribution map for a specimen, county/statewide maps for a taxon, and various reports.