Business Manager III

Basic Information

Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 2506

Gretchen is PBIO Sr. Accountant and Assistant to the Director of the Plant Center.  In her role as Sr. Accountant, Gretchen monitors and reconciles all the PBIO grants and accounts (chartstrings).  She approves all purchases and travel authorizations and expenses, and she assists employees in navigating OneSource.  She also currently approves off-campus use of equipment.  In her role in the Plant Center, she coordinates two major events per year and handles all budgeting and bill paying for same.

Articles Featuring Gretchen Bowen

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 9:58am

Gretchen Bowen, PBIO Sr. Accountant, was one of four staff members in all of Franklin College to win the Staff Excellence in Service Award for 2019.