2401 Miller Plant Sciences


  1. Ella Vardeman – Flora of Stone Mountain based on Digitized Specimens in GA Herbarium [Mentors: Steven Hughes, Wendy Zomlefer, David Giannasi]
  2. Kathryn Yeary – Investigating how the Blast Fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae, infects Finger Millet [Mentors: Chang-Hyun Khang and Mariel Pfeifer] 



  1. Juan Angulo – A Genetic Analysis of Functional Redundancy of the MAP Kinase Kinase (MKK) Gene Family in Arabidopsis [Mentor: Wolfgang Lukowitz]
  2. Daniel Dolinkski – Is Luciferase the only Factor in Bioluminescence? [Mentor: Kathrin Stanger-Hall]
  3. Andrew Ingram – Targeting the GRF Family of Transcription Factors with CRISPR/Cas9 nucleases: Multiplexing Strongly affects Mutation Rates [Mentor: Wolfgang Lukowitz]
  4. Sasha Swenson – Replicating Field Grown Root Architecture Types in the Greenhouse [Mentor: Alexander Bucksch]