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August 2017: Congrats to 2017 Student Symposium Winners!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 11:07am

Congratulations to all of the award winners for oral presentations and posters at our 2017 Student Symposium. And thank you to all those who participated!

Awards for Oral Presentations by Graduate Students

1st Place - Ilkay Doerter (Momany lab) - "Understanding the role of septin AspD in the early vegetative growth of Aspergillus nidulans."
2nd Place - John Spiekerman (Devos lab) - "Response of seashore paspalum to short-term salt stress."
3rd Place - Rishi Masalia (Burke lab) - "It's not Helianth-you, or Helianth-me, but rather Helianthus and how much water we use to grow our food."

Awards for Poster Presentations by Graduate Students

1st Place - Will Jordan (Schmitz lab) - "TET-mediated epimutagenesis of the Arabidopsis thaliana methylome."
2nd Place - Alex Mela (Momany lab) - "Stress-response regulation of septin AspD in cell wall integrity and high osmolarity/glycerol pathways in A. nidulans."
3rd Place - Bill Ricci (Zhang lab) - "Surveying chromatin features for the identification of intergenic transcriptional regulatory elements in maize."

Awards for Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Students

Tied for 1st Place - Liana Mosley (Burke lab) - "Comparing the incomparable: a methodological investigation of water limitation treatments."
and Rosemary Wills (Bensasson lab) - "Predicting taste of wild yeast in craft beer due to 4-VG production."
2nd Place - Rhett Parr (Peterson lab) - "Effects of salvage logging on tree biomass."


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