Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 3:34pm
Juan Angulo Receives Summer Internship at Chicago Botanic Garden

Congratulations to Juan Angulo, a PBIO undergraduate, who has received a summer internship at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This NSF-funded 10-week long internship revolves around a project Juan will be conducting by a grad student and his mentor at Northwestern University. Juan's project is titled "Investigation of Genetic and Environmental Predictors of Susceptibility to Herbivory." In short, he will be studying cofactors that contribute to herbivory resistance in a species of cacti through genetic assays and demographic/population data. He will also be mentoring a high school student throughout the project, helping them create their own mini-project related to his work. The project culminates into a poster or video presentation of Juan's work presented at local research symposia. Way to go, Juan!

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