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Undergraduate Research

On-Campus Research Opportunities

Independent research is a key component in Plant Biology and we offer PBIO 4960R, 4970R, 4980R, and 4990R for 4 credits. In these courses, students are trained in basic lab or field techniques used in molecular biology and/or ecology and are taught to apply these techniques to answer a research question, using the scientific method. By guiding students through making observations, asking questions, and solving problems, we teach students to think critically and practice their problem solving skills. During this experience students typically become part of a dynamic work environment and gain experience in a research laboratory. Students write up their findings as a research paper at the end of each semester, and are encouraged to showcase their research during the annual departmental poster session and/or the annual UGA Undergraduate Research Symposium (CURO). 

To identify a potential faculty mentor for research please explore the Faculty Research areas.

In addition to providing ample research opportunities in the Department, we offer research support awards to Plant Biology majors and minors:

Information about PBIO Independent Research Support Award
Application for PBIO 4960R and PBIO Independent Research Support Award 
Information about CURO
Information about REU

Examples of Funded Undergraduate Projects

  • Rosemary Wills (2020) - Bensasson lab
    •  "Sequence analysis of wild yeast for use in craft beer"
  • Nicole Reisinger (2019) - Donovan lab
    • "Salt stress in Sunflower"
  • Hannah Schrader (2018) -
    • "Plant Diversity and Roles in Cretaceous Ecosystems"
  • Grace Zheng (2018) - Chang lab  
    • "Effect of soil nutrient and pollen grain size of common morning glory, Ipomoea purpurea"


Off-Campus Research Opportunities (coming soon)

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