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Magdy S. Alabady

Director of Georgia Genomics and Bioinformatics Core Facility
Associate Research Scientist, Plant Biology
Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 4504 & GGBC Rm 155A
Lab Phone:
Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 4504
Research Areas:
Research Interests:
  1. The biology of RNA regulatory networks in plant development and communication. Through the use of transcriptomics sequencing data and computational biology, our goal is to discover RNA regulatory networks and their roles in plant cell development, and response to pathogens, enviromental stresses and sybmbionts. We study the RNA regulatory networks in Miscanthus, Yellow sugarcan Aphid, Populous, dogwood, and Sarracienia.
  2. Investigating the mechanism of neocentromere motility and meiotic drive in maize. In collaboration with Prof. Dawe, we investigate the process of chromosome segregation by focusing on an exception to Mendel’s rules known as meiotic drive. We focus on using NGS sequencing (Illlumina short reads, PacBio long reads, and BioNano optical maps) and bioinformatics to assemble and annotate the distal tip region of the Ab10 chromosome and to develop extensive sequence resources to help us interpret the origin and evolution of this fascinating chromosome.
  3. Developing genetics and genomics resources for the carnivorous plant genus Sarracenia. In collaboration with Prof. Mlmebrg, we are workimg towards sequencing the pitcher plant genome, developing a linkage map for his invaluable population of Sarracenia species, and to study the drivers of biodiversity and community assembly in the Sarracenia symbiotic system.
  • National Science Foundation (NSF MCB-Genetic Mechasims.) “Mechanism of neocentromere motitlity and meiotic drive in mazie.” PI: Kelly Dawe, Co-PI: Magdy Alabady
  • United States Department of Agricultural (USDA AFRI.) “Dissecting the oxidative stess response regulons of Pupulus.” PI: Cj Tsai, Co-Pis: Magdy Alabady, Scott Hardling, and Liangjiao Xue
Selected Publications:
  • Ph.D. Plant Functional Genomics, Cairo University-Egypt, 2007
  • M.S. Plant Molecular Genetics, Cairo University-Egypt 2001
  • B.S. Botany and Chemistry, Mansourah University-Egypt 1994
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My Graduate Students

Ethan Baldwin

Graduate Student

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